TIGERi 2010 Upcoming Events:

    Overview (All dates tentative, subject to review)

Finance & Purchasing

  • Travel (late 2010).
    • All travel expenses will be approved and reported in BengalWeb.

Human Resources

  • PeopleAdmin Electronic Applicant Tracking (now mandatory for new unclassified and faculty searches). Training will be offered on a case-by-case basis for those involved in active searches.

  • PeopleAdmin Position & Performance Management (to be implemented April-December).
    • Job descriptions for all employees will be entered into new system between April and September. HR will soon decide if individual employees will input their own job descriptions, or if designated representatives will input all for their departments. The new system will also be used to complete all-electronic performance reviews for the calendar year 2010 and thereafter.

  • Effort Reporting (late 2010).
    • All those working on grants or funded by stimulus money will begin reporting their effort using a new online tool.

  • EPAFs (Electronic Personnel Action Forms, late 2010).
    • For all personnel actions except initial hiring.


  • New Electronic System (May).
    • Online purchase of parking permits with payroll deduction option.
    • Online payment of parking tickets beginning in July.

Coming Soon in Argos Reports . . .

  • Comp Time Payout.
    • Lets departments know when comp time is earned so that they can calculate when it will be paid out and decide whether or not an employee should use the comp time instead.

  • Year-to-Date Earnings.
    • Available to all employees. May be needed if applying for a loan or mortgage.
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