Team Leads Directory

Team Leads are an integral part of the Tigeri team providing a wide range of functional and technical expertise (within their respective areas) to the Project Staff.

In addition to providing this knowledge, Team Leads must divide their time between between numerous implementation activities, while maintaining their regularly scheduled job duties, as well.

Blake Beck-Portal/Web Services
  Blake Beck - Portal/Web Services
Phone: (208)282-5760

Darl Bennett-Identity Management & Computer Systems Team Lead
  Darl Bennett - Identity Management & Computer Systems
Phone: (208)282-2290

Alan Egger-Data Warehouse/Reporting Team Lead
  Alan Egger - Data Warehouse/Reporting
Phone: (208)282-2501

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  Jody Finnegan - Financial Aid
Phone: (208)282-4293
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  Rick Hargis - Auxiliary Applications
Phone: (208)282-3934

Tony Lovgren-User Services & Support
  Tony Lovgren - Support (User Services/Training)
Phone: (208)282-4424

Ray Ludwig-HR/Payroll Team Lead
  Ray Ludwig - Human Resources/Payroll
Phone: (208)282-2518

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  Laura McKenzie - Student Information
Phone: (208)282-2979

Mark Norviel-Network team lead
  Mark Norviel - Network (ex officio)
Phone: (208)282-4246

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Karen Sparks - Finance
Phone: (208)282-3009
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