Contact Project Staff

Below is a list of Tigeri Project staff — contact them with any questions you may have about the implementation process.

David Alexander
David Alexander
Manages and coordinates the overall scope, cost, schedule, and quality of the Tigeri project.
Phone: (208)282-3882


Cali Bell
Cali Bell
Develops, implements, and evaluates Tigeri communication materials designed to keep the campus community informed about Tigeri training and events; maintains project web site and provides support to team leads
Phone: (208)282-4446


Rae Hanson

Rae Hanson-
Responsible for financial record keeping and maintaining budgets; updates and coordinates room reservations for two calendars; provides key support for the project
Phone: (208)282-3424


Marjanna Hulet
Marjanna Hulet-
Participates in the planning and conducting of training workshops; creates instructional materials; chief contact for TigerGuides
Phone: (208)282-2598


Debra Shein
Debra Shein-
Responsible for the development and management of the training program; designs instructional materials
Phone: (208)282-2554
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