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Studies in Philosophy

The Thinkers

Philosophy examines such topics as the nature of reality and being, the ways that knowledge is acquired, and the bases for ethical choices.

Students in all disciplines gain from studies such as these, which can contribute greatly to their general education as well as to their personal enrichment and fulfillment. Many students inspired by introductory courses go on to complete a degree in the field.

Equipped with an undergraduate degree in philosophy, students are prepared to enter graduate degree programs, to pursue training in such professions as medicine, law, or religion, or to embark upon a great variety of careers in government, business, or industry that demand broad, liberal perspectives and strong observational, fact-finding, analytical, and communication skills. 

Programs Offered
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Traditional or
    Pre-Law Emphasis)
  • Minor in Philosophy, in Ethics, or in Philosophy and Religion
  • Selected courses at the graduate level
Undergraduate Courses in Philosophy

Goal 8, “to understand how major philosophies influence human thought and behavior,” can be satisfied by PHIL 101, Introduction to Philosophy.  Additional courses in Philosophy are described in more detail in the ISU Undergraduate Catalog, along with complete descriptions of program requirements.

Inquiries regarding programs in Philosophy should be directed to the Philosophy Chair, Dr. Russell Wahl.

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