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Professional Writing Minor

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The minor in Professional Writing offers students a foundation in composing documents for a variety of purposes and audiences. Students develop greater mastery over the written language as well as enhanced critical thinking, reading, and analytic skills. Courses in the minor provide students with choices that stress not only the theory and practice of writing but also grammar, language studies, history of the English language, composition, creative writing, professional writing, and logic.

A minor in Professional Writing can help prepare students for a variety of career choices, including communication, education, law, marketing, professional and technical writing, public relations, or any field in which writing plays a significant role.

The minor in Professional Writing can be combined with a major in English or other majors.

Requirements for the minor are:

  • Required courses
    • ENGL 2280 Basic Grammar and Usage or ENGL 2281 Introduction to Language Studies
    • ENGL 3311 Writing about literature
    • ENGL 4487 History of the English Language
  • Four courses (at least two upper-division) selected from the following: ENGL 1107, 2206, 3306, 3307, g4401, g4406, g4481, g4485, PHIL 2201
  • The minor is a total of 21 credits

Students who are interested in the minor are encouraged to meet with their advisors to map out a course of study that meets their interests and goals.

Contact Krissy Turner (208-282-2478), Administrative Assistant, Department of English and Philosophy.