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Linguistics Minor

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The Linguistics minor offers students an interdisciplinary approach to the study of language structure and language use. It enables students to develop abstract thinking skills, while challenging them to explore the connections between language and other disciplines. Specialized courses focus on the relationship between language use and culture, the structure of languages, the history of language, and the philosophy of language

A minor in Linguistics can help prepare students for a variety of career choices. For example: anthropology, market research, law, teaching English as a second language, technical writing, and teaching.

The minor in Linguistics can be combined with a major in English, anthropology, sociology, history, foreign languages, or other majors.

Requirements for the minor are:

  • Required courses
    • ANTH 1107 Nature of Language
    • ENGL 2281 Introduction to Language Studies
    • ANTH 4455 Induction to Phonetics or ENGL 4485 Special Topics in Linguistics
  • One year of a foreign language
  • 9 credits from selected language studies courses in English and Anthropology
  • The minor is a total of 26 credit hours

Students who are interested in the minor are encouraged to meet with either of the directors to map out a course of study that meets their interests and goals.

Contact Dr. Chris Loather (208-282-2629), Department of Anthropology, or Dr. Sonja Launspach (208-282-2237), Department of English and Philosophy.