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English Literature Minor

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The minor in English Literature exposes students to the traditions of American and English literature and also a diverse array of other perspectives, ranging from Petrarch to Palahniuk, from fantasy and science fiction to nature writing, from classical literature to ethnic literature, from gender theoryto the graphic novel. The English Literature minor is designed to develop valuable skills, including reading critically, analyzing logically, and communicating effectively.

A minor  in English Literature is an excellent choice for a career in teaching or  writing. The English minor is also good preparation for a variety of career fields, including journalism, medicine, law, public relations, advertising, editing, and publishing.

The minor in English Literature can be combined with a several different majors, including history, education, or political science.

Requirements for the minor are:

  • ENGL 3311 Writing about Literature or ENGL 3307 Professional and Technical Writing
  • 12 credits of upper division courses
  • The minor is a total of 21 credit hours

Students interested in the minor are encouraged to meet with their advisor to map out a course of study that meets their interests and goals.

Contact Krissy Turner (208-282-2478), Administrative Assistant, Department of English and Philosophy.