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Will ISU serve students in my state?

ISU is currently working with other states to ensure our programs are authorized to offer eISU courses to the residents of these states. The following table includes a list of states where ISU is Authorized or In Process for obtaining authorization. For states where authorization is Currently Not Feasible, ISU is not able to serve their residents due to the burdensome regulatory requirements of these states.

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA) States and Institutions

Idaho State University Joins SARA (November 14, 2014)


In Process

Currently Not Feasible
Due to State Regulation

Alabama*, Alaska*, Arizona*, Arkansas*, California, Colorado*, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia*, Hawaii, Indiana*, Illinois*, Iowa*, Kansas*, Louisiana*, Maine*, Maryland*, Michigan*, Minnesota*, Mississippi*, Missouri*, Montana*, Nebraska*, Nevada*, New Hampshire*, New Jersey, New Mexico*, North Dakota*, Ohio*, Oklahoma*, Oregon*, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota*, Rhode Island*, Tennessee*, Texas*, Utah, Vermont*, Virginia*, Washington*, West Virginia*, Wisconsin, and Wyoming*.


Delaware, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, and North Carolina.


[Please check with your department or program advisor if state authorization is required]

Professional Licensure