5/26:    Summer Adventure Program (SAP) for school-age children begins

5/26-6/5:  Repair work on outside of building

5/31:    Hummingbird Roundup at Rudeen Ranch, 9:00 am-4:00 pm

6/29:    Fluoride Varnish Clinic, Bannock Co. Health Dept., 9:30-11:30 a.m. OR 1:30-4:00 p.m.

Hummingbird Roundup:  For more information about this extremely interesting event, go to www.hummingbirdroundup.com

Repair Work:  Equipment that will be used to do repairs to the outside of the ELC may occassionally block parking in front of our building during the next two weeks.  If that happens, you may park at the meters in back of our play yard at no charge.  Ticketing happens between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. during the summer.  If you need to park back there between 9 am and 3 pm, and you receive a ticket, please bring it to the front desk so that we can have it taken care of. 

Excellent Web Site for Parents and Children:  KidsHealth.org is a great site for all kinds of information for parents, kids and teachers.  They also have a weekly e-newsletter for which you can sign up that highlights all kids of topics.  http://kidshealth.org

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) New Proposed Meal Patterns:  The CACFP has been working to revise the meal patterns to better meet the new recommendations.  They are available for viewing and comment on the State web site:  http://www.sde.idaho.gov/site/cnp/cacfp/  Click on "New Proposed Science-Based CACFP Meal Pattern."  If approved, these patterns will probably go into effect next fall.

Summer and Fall Registration:  Summer session at the ELC began on May 11, and we do still have a few spots available for summer.  Fall registration is open, and we currently are filling spots for fall from our waiting list.  After we've worked through the waiting list, we will take walk-in registrations for fall if there is space available.

Staff positions available:  The ELC is currently in need of part-time child care staff.  All must get a City of Pocatello child care license, and all who work directly with children must be (or become) currently certified in pediatric first aid and CPR.  Call Donna at 282-4347 for more information, or come to our front desk and ask for an employment application.

Healthful Eating on a Budget:  If you'd like tips for making healthful, low-cost meals; finding the best deals; sample menus; and recipes, go to www.choosemyplate.gov/

Withdrawal from the ELC:  Remember that you must give 15 days' written notice of withdrawal from the ELC, so plan ahead.  You will be billed for your contracted schedule for those two weeks regardless of whether or not your child actually attends.

Child Health Facts*:  Did you know that for the first time in over 100 years, our children's life expectancy is declining due to an increase in overweight?  That one in three American children born in 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime?  That risk factors for heart disease...have been shown to increase as Body Mass Index (BMI)-for-age increases?  That the risk for all this can be reduced for children by developing healthy eating habits and participating in regular physical activity?  Go to www.colormehealthy.com for all kinds of tips and recipes to help your children and yourself develop healthy habits.

Children and Play:  Here's a good article about the importance of play:  http://families.naeyc.org/learning-and-development/child-development/10-things-every-parent-should-know-about-play

WIC services available on campus:  WIC services are available at the University Health Center on the 4th Thursday of each month from 9:00 a.m. until noon.  Go to the second floor.  No appointment is necessary.

Some web sites that may be of interest to you: www.earlychildhoodwebinars.com, www.idahostars.org , www.idahoaeyc.org, www.childrenandnature.org, www.InfantToddler.idaho.gov, http://www.challengingbehavior.org, http://www.iwpr.org/initiatives/student-parent-success-initiative/student-parent-success-initiative, www.vanderbilt.edu/csefel , http://www.collaboration.me.uk/Idaho_Stars.php, http://DayByDayID.org, families.naeyc.org

*Color Me Healthy Training Manual, developed in North Carolina by NC Cooperative Extension and the NC Division of Public Health  

                                                                                                Lead Providers for summer '15:


Room #

Lead Provider



Debra Hughes







Toddlers 10 Chelcy Goodnight



Brenda Myers



Misty Sheets



JaNae Kunzler

SAP (K-5th) 24/26 Wenda Kaler