Office of the General Counsel

Worker's Compensation

Workers Compensation provides benefits to employees who sustain job-related injuries or contract occupational diseases while carrying out the duties and responsibilities of their employment. Benefits are in the form of compensation for medical expenses and compensation for work time lost because of injury or illness.

It is the policy of Idaho State University, working with the State Insurance Fund, to handle all claims for compensation in a timely and equitable manner. University employees suffering from job-related injuries or occupational diseases will be referred to Pocatello Family Medicine (Student employees to the Student Health Center) for such treatment and referral as may be decided upon by Pocatello Family Medicine.

Responsibilities and Procedures:

1. The Department of Risk Management is responsible for the effectiveness of processing and monitoring Workers Compensation claims.

2. The injured employee shall immediately (or as soon as possible thereafter) provide notice of the accident or injury to the appropriate supervisor. The supervisor should then complete a "Supervisor's Accident Report." With reference to occupational illnesses, notice shall be provided immediately after the employee is first informed of the nature and work-related cause of the illness.

3. Pocatello Family Medicine is the Preferred Provider and primary contact for University employees injured on the job. These employees shall be directed to Family Medicine for initial and follow-up treatment. Follow-up treatment may either be at Family Medicine, an appropriate specialist's office, or a physician deemed appropriate by the Family Medicine staff.

4. The Pocatello Family Medicine has a physician on call on weekends, nights, and holidays. Employees injured on the job during such times should be directed to contact them at 282-4700 with follow-up generally occurring at the emergency room of Portneuf Medical Center. The Pocatello Family Medicine treating physicians will then conduct any follow-up treatment, etc. If a student employee is injured after hours or during a time in which the Student Health Center is closed, they should be referred to Pocatello Family Medical as herein described.

5. Should an employee be injured to the extent it appears assistance is required to transport the victim to Pocatello Family Medicine or to one of the hospitals mentioned above, the appropriate supervisor or other responsible person shall initiate a request to Public Safety to transport.

6. The supervisor of the injured employee shall notify the Department of Risk Management and the Public Safety Office of the injury as soon as possible but no later than twenty-four (24) hours after the incident. After the initial notice, a completed "Supervisor's Accident Report" shall be submitted to the Department of Risk Management within three (3) working days of the incident.

7. As soon as possible, but no later than twenty-four (24) hours from returning to work, the injured employee should contact Risk Management to complete a "First Report of Injury" form.

8. Claims for Workers Compensation are then submitted to the State Insurance Fund for review and processing. This includes charges for medical services, as well as time loss benefits.

Return to Work Program Policy

Idaho State University's "Return-to-Work" program went into effect January 1, 2004. Pocatello Family Medicine Clinic (Clinic) is ISU's designated "Preferred Provider". When a work-related injury or illness occurs that calls for medical attention, please report to the Clinic. In situations where it is a critical injury or illness, or the injury/illness occurs during closed hours of the clinic, please report to the nearest emergency facility. Except in these emergency situations, using another health provider may result in denial of workers' compensation benefits.

Questions may be referred to Susan Hengel, Workers Compensation/Return-to-Work Program Coordinator: 282-5741, Administration Building, 3rd Floor, Room 307.

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