Kaleb Heinrich

Email: heinkale@isu.edu
Phone: 208-282-2139

Hometown: Carlsbad, New Mexico
BS: Kansas State University
MS: Southern Illinois University


Kaleb is doctoral student working with Dr. Colden Baxter in the ISU Stream Ecology Lab and pursuing the Doctoral of Arts degree. He has an undergraduate degree in Biology with a minor in Music from Kansas State University and a MS in Zoology from Southern Illinois University. His masters research examined responses of aquatic insects and riparian birds to an in-stream restoration project in the Cache River Basin of southern Illinois. His doctoral research is an investigation of multiple stressors and their effects on stream-riparian ecosystems, with particular focus on the potentially interactive effects of multiple invasive species.


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Heinrich, K.K., M.R. Whiles, and C. Roy. 2013. Cascading ecological responses to an in-stream restoration project in a midwestern river. Restoration Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/rec.12026.

Heinrich, K. K. 2011. Insect emergence and riparian bird responses to rock weir construction in the Cache River basin of southern Illinois. M.S. Thesis. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, USA.