Danelle M. Larson
Email: larsdane@isu.edu

Phone: 208-282-5416

Google Scholar Profile

Hometown: Winona, Minnesota
AS: Vermilion Community College
BS: University of Idaho PhD: Kansas State University


Danelle is interested in wild places and the people who live and interact there. Her undergraduate studies and research focused on the intersection of ecology and society, including ecological principles, policy, and philosophy. Her doctoral studies examined how land management practices in tallgrass prairie (such as fire, bison and cattle grazing, and riparian restoration) influence stream ecology, amphibians, and reptiles. Her post-doctoral research at Idaho State University focuses on mid-sized cities and riverscapes as important social-ecological systems. Danelle believes conservation of aquatic systems and organisms will require integration of aquatic science and human ecology, and she aims to quantify feedbacks between humans and nature (e.g., ecosystem services, people’s perceptions of their local environment, interactions with amphibians and reptiles).

Selected Publications

Larson DM, Dodds WK, Whiles MR. Fire and grazing alter the ecological state of prairie streams: a replicated, multi-watershed experiment. Ecological Applications, in revision.

Larson DM. (2014) Grassland fire and cattle grazing regulate reptile and amphibian assembly among patches. Environmental Management 54(6), 1434-1444. DOI 10.1007/s00267- 014-0355-2.

Dodds WK, Veach AM, Ruffing CM, Larson DM, Fischer JL, Costigan KH. (2013) Abiotic controls and temporal variability of large river metabolism: the Mississippi and Chattahoochee Rivers. Freshwater Science 32(4), 1073–1087.

Larson DM, Dodds WK, Jackson K, Whiles MR, Winders KR. (2013) Ecosystem characteristics of remnant, headwater tallgrass prairie streams. Journal of Environmental Quality 42, 239-249.

Larson DM, Grudzinski BP, Dodds WK, Daniels M, Skibbe A, Joern A. (2013) Blazing and grazing: influences of fire and bison on tallgrass prairie stream water quality. Freshwater Science 32(3), 779–791.