Amy Marcarelli

Hometown: Sloatsburg, NY
BA: Colgate University, NY
PhD: Utah State University


Dr. Marcarelli is an Assistant Professor at Michigan Tech University in Houghton, Michigan. Amy was a postdoctoral researcher at ISU from 2006-2009. She helped lead a collaborative project aimed at examining the effects of salmon marine derived nutrients on stream-riparian production, as well as a project investigating human effects on nutrient cycling and export from a mid-order river. She remains involved in those projects from her new position. Follow the link above to visit her individual web page.

Selected Publications

Marcarelli, A.M., C.V. Baxter and M.S. Wipfli. 2014. Nutrient additions to mitigate for loss of Pacific salmon: consequences for stream biofilm and nutrient dynamics. Ecosphere (In press).

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