School of Performing Arts: Music Piano Accompanist Policies

Students Needing Accompanists

The following policy is suggested for students needing accompanists:

An accompanist should be paid at least $10 per hour of actual playing time. A student taking a half-hour lesson may require an accompanist for only 15 minutes of lesson time and an additional half hour of practice per week. (Monthly total - $30 for three hours playing time.) A student taking an hour lesson may need an accompanist for 45 minutes of lesson time and another hour of practice per week. (Monthly total - $70 for seven hours playing time.) T he amount of time an accompanist is needed should be negotiated at the semester's first lesson. The hourly wage should be paid monthly, bimonthly or weekly.

Notification of schedule changes or illness should be made at least 24 hours in advance. Of course, real emergencies do happen and one a semester should be forgiven. Other absences should be charged or docked depending on whose schedule was inconvenienced.

Studio classes, General Recital Hour and juries should be considered an extension of the studio for students needing weekly accompanists. For other students the following fee schedule is suggested for these types of performances. Contests, tapings and master classes should be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Jury only $15 - $20
General Recital Hour + 2 practices $18 - $25
Weekly lessons only $40 - $50
Lessons and 1 practice hour per week $80 - $100
Junior or partial recital $75 - $100
Senior Recital $100 - $150

Piano Majors

Music majors whose applied instrument is piano are required to register for MUSC 1168 (Keyboard Collaboration) at least two different semesters. Piano majors are expected to accompany a minimum of two students (preferably one instrumentalist and one vocalist) per semester of piano study and to accompany a minimum of one recital during the course of their degree program. Accompanying scholarships are available to outstanding accompanists.