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We still offer a BA in Sociology!

Due to an oversight, the regular BA in Sociology was dropped from the current ISU printed catalog. For information please see the online catalog or contact the department.

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The sociology program offers Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in sociology.

The department's goal is not only to teach the theory and methods of sociology, but also to apply such knowledge to the "real world."

Introductory courses to familiarize the student with the multiple dimensions of sociology.

Specific courses cover:

  • Juvenile Delinquency - patterns of behavior in youth culture, environment and socialization.
  • Minorities - race relations, disadvantaged Americans, and women as well as minority groups in other societies.
  • Stratification- class structure, class-consciousness, division of labor, power and wealth across America.

Additional areas of study include community health and illness, religion, demography, rural communities, industrial, and environmental sociology. These courses are provocative, challenging, informative and cross all cultural, social, political, and economic boundaries.

See the undergraduate catalog for course details.

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Program Director
Gesine K. Hearn, PhD
Office: Kegel Liberal Arts 306
Phone: (208) 282-4947