Radiographic Sciences

Employer Surveys from Class 2012, Recieved in 2013

Below are recent comments from the most recent Employer Surveys

Question: Do you believe the ISU graduate was well prepared in theory and clinical practice to handle completely the entry-level requirements of the job?

Answer: All respondents answered "yes".

Question: If you were to rate the graduate on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being excellent and 1 being poor, how would you rate the graduate's overall job knowledge?

Answer: All respondents answered "5".

Questions: Are there any areas in the radiograhic science curriculum that you believe should be stressed more or added?

Answer: Four respondents answered "no". One respondent answered "yes", with the following remarks about patient care/patient interactions/patient satisfaction. "The level of patient satisfaction is becoming more and more important. The patients in medical imaging don't always know when a student is doing their exam, and if they did they would expect to be treated just the same as if a tech were performing the exam."

Question: Would you be willing ot hire another graduate of the ISU program if the chance arose?

Answer: All respondents answered "yes". One respondent said, "they are always first in line."

Question: Please provide any suggestions you have for improving the ISU radiographic science program that have not been covered in this survey.

Answer: Most respondents did not answer this question. One respondent noted, "Rad Science Professors do a great job of preparing students for a career in the field."

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