Department of Psychology

Joshua Weller, Ph.D.

Joshua Weller, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Experimental Psychology


B.A., Lehigh University, 1995
Ph.D. University of Iowa, 2007

Research Interests

Dr. Joshua Weller's (Health/Decision Making) research broadly focuses on how affective and cognitive processes contribute to decision-making and risk perceptions. Dr. Weller's lab is currently conducting research addressing four specific questions: (1) How do decision-making abilities change from childhood to older age? (2) In what ways may child maltreatment impact the development of these abilities? (3) How does stress impact decision making? and (4) To what degree do individual differences in personality correlate with decision-making processes and risk perceptions?

Selected Publications

Weller, J.A. & Thulin, E. (in press). Do honest people take fewer risks? Personality correlates of risk-taking to achieve gains and avoid losses in HEXACO space. Personality and Individual Differences.

Weller, J. A., Dieckmann, N., Tusler, M., Mertz, C. K., Burns, W., & Peters, E. (in press). Development and testing of an abbreviated numeracy scale: A Rasch analysis approach. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making.

Weller, J. A., Shackleford, C., Dieckmann, N. D., & Slovic, P. (in press). Possession attachment predicts cell phone use while driving. Health Psychology.

Weller, J. A., Levin, I. P., & Denburg, N. (2011). Trajectory of advantageous decision making for risky gains and losses from ages 5 to 85. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 24, 331-344.

Weller, J. A., Levin, I. P., Rose, J. P., & Bossard, E. (2011). Assessment of decision making competence in preadolescence. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1002/bdm.744

Weller, J.A., & Tikir, A. (2010).  Predicting domain-specific risk taking with the HEXACO personality structure. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 24, 180- 201.

Weller, J. A., Levin, I. P., & Bechara, A. (2009).  Do individual differences in Iowa Gambling Task performance predict adaptive decision making for risky gains and losses? Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 32, 141-150.

Weller, J. A., Levin, I. P., Shiv, B., & Bechara, A. (2009).  The effects of insula damage on decision-making for risky gains and losses. Social Neuroscience, 4, 347-358.

Denburg, N. L., Weller, J. A., Yamada, T. H. Shivapour, D. M., Kaup, A. R., LaLoggia, A., et al. (2009). Poor decision-making among older adults is related to elevated levels of neuroticism.  Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 37, 164-172.

Weller, J. A. & Watson, D. (2009).  Friend or Foe? Differential use of the self-based  heuristic as a function of relationship satisfaction, Journal of Personality, 77, 731- 760.

Weller, J. A., Levin, I. P., Shiv, B. & Bechara, A. (2007). Neural correlates of adaptive decision making for risky gains and losses. Psychological Science, 18, 958-964.

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