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Department of Political Science

Greetings from the Faculty and the Chair

Dr. Donna L. Lybecker
Dr. Donna Lybecker
Department of Political Science
Email: lybedonn@isu.edu

Fall 2014

Welcome to the Department of Political Science at Idaho State University!
The Department of Political Science faculty and staff welcome you (back) to ISU and to another year of captivating political events and issues. Already this year we expect to be engaged in the up-coming U.S. elections: Will there be partisan realignment? What effect will mass media have on the elections? and, How will citizen participation and political narrative play a role? In addition, watching the ongoing tensions surrounding nation-building in Iraq, the political crisis in Ukraine, spreading Ebola virus in West Africa, and elections in Brazil will keep political junkies going for quite some time.

To help address these events and to add to our Political Science department at ISU, we have two new faculty members joining us this fall. Dr. Shane Gleason (Ph.D. Southern Illinois University 2014) will be teaching classes on Constitutional Law and Judicial politics. His research focuses on judicial behavior, executive attorneys, state-federal relations and social network analysis, and includes a 2014 article, "Incumbent vulnerability and entry in gubernatorial elections: The case of former governors" (with John Hamman and Charles DiStefano) in The Social Science Journal. This expertise will add to discussions and understanding of many of the political issues the U.S. will encounter this coming year. Additionally Dr. Gleason's work on social network analysis provides a visual expression for greater understanding of current political issues. Dr. Kellee Kirkpatrick (Ph.D. University of Kansas 2012) will be teaching classes on The Presidency, Voting and Public Opinion and Gender and Politics. Her areas of research include American politics, public policy with a focus on health politics, gender and politics and media and political communications, which have led to publications such as her 2013 article in Policy Studies Journal, "Giving Girls a Shot: An Examination of Mandatory Vaccination Legislation" (with Alisha Doan). Dr. Kirkpatrick's expertise and experiential knowledge in fields such as health politics will add to ISU's strengths in Health research and will add insight to future discussions of U.S. health policy.

In addition this past May we gained a post-doctoral researcher. Dr. James Stoutenborough (Ph.D. University of Kansas 2010) is putting to use his substantial experience utilizing statistical and survey tools for work on Southeast Idaho land-use issues. With his expertise in public policy, public opinion, political psychology and science and technology issues, Dr. Stoutenborough will add to the work of a variety of scholars at ISU, BSU, and U of I on a National Science Foundation, 5-year EPSCoR grant looking at Managing Idaho's Landscapes for Ecosystem Services (MILES). Dr. Stoutenborough's research includes a 2014 article, "Public Attitudes toward Water Management and Drought in the United States" (with A. Vedlitz) in Water Resources Management, along with numerous recent submissions stemming from his work on the MILES project.

Overall the Political Science faculty continues to add to the discipline and creatively engage students and our Southeastern Idaho communities in their areas of expertise: Dr. Anderson continues to focus on terrorism, torture, and political violence, paramount issues in today's world; Dr. Gabardi's work on western anthropocentric thinking addresses the constantly bantered issue of how human activity affected and affects the world ecology; and Dr. McBeth continues his work on the Narrative Policy Framework, adding insight to how political explanations shape policy outcomes. In addition our junior faculty continue to bring new energy and cutting edge ideas to the interpretation of political events and issues. Dr. Callen's work helped lead to a successful 10th Annual Gender and Sexuality in Everyday Life conference, which presented a national forum for his work (with Dr. Amanda Zink) on Gendered Binaries, Urban Reform, and Sinclair Lewis's Main Street, and includes a newly published article in Administrative Theory and Praxis; and Dr. Hummel, continues his work on right-sizing cities, local government financing, minority group interaction and local governments which has led to acceptance/publication of three forthcoming articles, including one in Public Budgeting & Finance.

We bid a fond farewell to Ms. Michelle Munoz, who served as our Administrative Assistant from July 2013 until November 2014, and welcome our new Administrative Assistant, Ms. Caroline Baergen.

We welcome all future and current students, alumni and friends of the department to drop us a note or stop by for a visit. Come meet our new faculty, get reacquainted with those of us who have been around, engage in political banter or simply stop in to say "hello."

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