Department of Mass Communication

Martine Beachboard, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Advertising/Public Relations

Martine Beachboard

Martine Robinson Beachboard has a background in writing, editing and marketing communication. Dr. Beachboard completed the Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership (emphasis in e-learning) in 2008 with Touro University International and has completed two master's degrees in "Public Communications" at the Newhouse School of Public Communication at Syracuse University: one in advertising, the other in public relations. Ms. Beachboard also two bachelor's degrees, including a B.A. in Business and Management from the University of Maryland in Europe. Most of Ms. Beachboard’s professional experience is related to public communications. She was a newspaper editor, reporter and columnist in Sierra Vista, Arizona for several years. While studying in central New York, she worked with several advertising/PR firms, was an academic-conference coordinator, and managed her own marketing-communications consulting firm. She completed an internship with the Young & Rubicam New York advertising agency New Media Division in Manhattan. At SU she coordinated publications and logistics for Hubert H. Humphrey international journalists in a Fulbright Scholarship program.

Dr. Beachboard has conducted training and has done course development in mass communication, desktop publishing, media and society, public relations and advertising, and she has served as a media-access panelist. At the University of Maryland European Division headquarters in Heidelberg, she was Publications Coordinator for several years, then became their Web Editor. She lived in Germany for 12 years. She has been teaching with the ISU Department of Mass Communication since 2002.

Other interests include travel, hiking and foreign languages (especially French and German) and adult literacy tutoring. Favorite periodicals include the New York Times' Sunday edition, Utne Reader, American Demographics, Columbia Journalism Review, U.S. News & World Report and World Press Review.

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