Department of International Studies

Prospective Students

Why consider a major in International Studies?

The world we inhabit is truly an exciting, dramatic, and ever-changing place. It offers us unlimited opportunities to learn about other cultures and languages, and different approaches to governing as well. Sometimes we find it all too easy to stay in familiar environs without learning about other people, cultures, and politics. We make a mistake if we so limit ourselves. Our world is now truly an interdependent place. What happens in any part of the globe affects the lives of people in every other part of it. To paraphrase the poet, John Donne, "No country is an island unto itself, what happens anywhere to any country affects all countries (and all people)." Regardless of whether we live in Pocatello, Nairobi, or Singapore, globalization affects us every day. The International Studies program is designed to help students understand and participate in this dynamic global reality.

What kind of marketable skills can I gain in the International Studies program?

The International Studies program can help students gain a plethora of marketable skills, including:

What are some possible career fields for an International Studies graduate?

Possible career fields for students who major in International Studies include:

What is the Frank Church Symposium on International Affairs?

The Frank Church Symposium is an annual three day symposium on international affairs organized by the International Affairs Council (IAC), a student club. Students organize the entire symposium from choosing a topic, to recruiting delegates from around the world, to making all the local arrangements. It is a great opportunity for students to network with important players in international diplomacy, non-governmental organizations, intergovernmental organizations, and media.

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