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International Studies

A global map of countries designated by their flags.

The world is truly an exciting, dramatic, and ever-changing place. The world beyond our own country offers us unlimited opportunities to learn about culture, language, politics, and other aspects of people throughout the world. Too often we fail to take advantage of these opportunities. We find it too easy to stay in familiar environs and too easy not to sample other cultures, languages, and politics. The world is truly an interdependent place. What happens in any part of the world impacts the lives of people in every other part of the world.

The International Studies Program offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Studies. The program is interdisciplinary. Students are afforded the opportunity to explore a wide range of international cultures, languages, societies, and politics while building on a core curriculum of language, economics, and international politics. A minor is also offered.

Students graduating in International Studies have pursued a wide variety of careers including international business, teaching and research, international economic and political development, and diplomacy. In today's interdependent world an internationally sensitive background is valued highly by employers even when hiring for positions which do not involve explicit international work.

Please consult the University Bulletin for further material including information about the Frank Church Symposium on International Affairs, special seminars, and study abroad.

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