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Updated August 19, 2015

Record Retention Schedules

A "records schedule" identifies records as either temporary or permanent. All records schedules must be approved by The Idaho State Historical Society, State Records Center. A records schedule provides mandatory instructions for the disposition of the records (including the transfer of permanent records and disposal of temporary records) when they are no longer needed by the University. As part of the ongoing records life cycle, disposition should occur in the normal course of business. All ISU records must be scheduled. 

Retention Schedules are Mandatory

Follow these steps to develop a records schedule:

File cutoffs or file breaks (convenient points within a filing plan/system (end of a letter of the alphabet, end of year or month, etc.) at which files are separated for purposes of storage and/or disposition) 
Retention periods for temporary records Instructions for transferring permanent records to the University Archives
Instructions for sending inactive records to off-site storage

What are the benefits of using records schedules?

Records series titles, descriptions, and retention periods can be found in the Idaho State Board of Education’s Higher Education Records Retention Schedule of the Records Management Guide.  

Once the retention schedule has been completed by the department, it must be reviewed by the Records Manager. Retention Schedules will be annually reviewed by the Records Manager and updated to meet the needs of ISU.