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Retention Schedules

Records Program Guide with ISU Records Retention Schedules


Retaining records in accordance with the Schedules is not voluntary. The use of the Schedules is policy that applies to all offices of the University. Records created in the course of doing the business of ISU are the property of ISU and of the state of Idaho. What does "doing business" mean? It means whatever work is performed by an office or individual in accordance with the mission or purpose of that area. For example, the College of Education develops courses, teaches, and tracks the performance of students and certifies them as ready to teach. These processes create records, and they are the property and responsibility of ISU, long after the present deans, instructors, and students have moved on.

Records Program Guide with ISU Records Retention Schedules

A final point about the Schedules: This is a living document. Most of us are aware that the rules that higher education must play by change with alarming frequency. This document will be reviewed annually and updated as needed to meet the needs of this institution. If you have any questions about whether or not your records fit into these categories, please contact Monte G. Asche at 282-3045 or by email at

Records Management Policy

Policies establishing the records management program and related direction appear in the Faculty Staff Handbook: part 5; sect 5;.