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ISU Records Center

Services for Secure Storage of Temporary Records

Many ISU departments must retain records related to their operations for extended periods (5 - 40 years) before they may be destroyed. These records are considered temporary. Examples of these records include, but are not limited to, client records from the academic program clinics across campus, student files for some health professions and education degree programs, some portions of Human Resources personnel files and financial records required for institutional audits.

The ISU Records Center has been established to provide cost-effective secure storage for records that must be held, but exceed the amount of secure space within their department(s) of origin. By moving inactive or temporary records to the Records Center, departments make valuable space available for reuse. The Records Center will also provide two essential services: retrieval of records at future dates upon request (by fax, photocopy or imaged/email), and the destruction of the records on hand as they reach the end of their retention period, that is, at the end of their required life. The cost of the destruction will be handled by Records Management, not by the originating offices. The result: more space for active ISU records, increased security for temporary records, and the reduced cost of combined records destruction under the umbrella of the operations expenses for the Records Center.

The ISU Records Manager is responsible for the operation of the Records Center, working in conjunction with the Records Management Advisory Committee (RMAC). Policies and procedures for the Center are established by RMAC and approved by the University President.


Access privileges to the Center shall be limited to the Records Manager, the Space Manager, and the Controller/Assistant Controller. All other personnel must be escorted into the Center at all times by one of the personnel listed above. Details of the access process are described in the Records Center Operations Manual.

Records Center Policy:

Temporary records of the University that exceed the storage capacity of their office of origin, shall be transferred to the Records Center for storage until the time of their destruction. Records shall be prepared in accordance with the Records Center Guide instructions on transfers. Temporary records status shall be based upon the ISU-Specific Records Retention Schedule and applies to all programs and departments.

Security/Access Policy:

Violating the rules and procedures for accessing the Records Center and its contents may be grounds for internal disciplinary action, and may constitute grounds for civil and criminal charges (re: student, personnel, and patient records).


Building 84, the Continuing Education Building, at 1007 N. 7th Avenue (on the north side of the parking for the City of Pocatello offices).

The Center is on the 3rd floor, or the 2nd level up from the entry level.
Office - Room 209
Storage space - Room 210

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday, by appointment only, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Transfers of Records:

The processes and requirements to meet for records to be stored in the Records Center.


For more information on transfers of records to the Center, or to arrange to access records located there, please contact the Library's Administration at 282-2997, or email

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