Student Records: transcripts, degree verification, etc.
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Updated August 19, 2015

How to...

Manage Permanent Records

An overview of types of permanent records and how to manage them.

Purge and Destroy  Records 

Steps to take prior to destroying or purging temporary records.

Records Coordinators

Responsibilities, qualification, and authorities of Records Coordinators.

Conduct a Records Inventory

How to tell what types of records you have, where they are, and how long to keep them.

Manage Staff Separation

Recommendations on managing the turnover of the files of a departing employee, in the interest of preserving institutional and departmental memory.

Transfer Permanent Records to State Archives 

Instructions on how to transfer permanent records to State Archives once they exceed the storage capacity of the office of origin.

Transfer Temporary Records to the State Records Center

Instructions on how to transfer temporary records to the State Records Center.