Application Process
    There are seven positions in each year's entering class which are reserved exclusively for Idaho residents.  the positions are meant to closely match the need for future dental professionals in Idaho.
    Prior to applying to dental schools, the DAT (Dental Admissions Test) be taken.  This is a computerized national test to assist the dental schools in determining the aptitude  of the dental applicants.  To learn more about the DAT click here.  To fill out a request to receive a DAT application click here.
    Admissions to the Idaho Dental Education Program is a two-step procedure which takes place simultaneously once application is made to Creighton University School of Dentistry.  Submit your application to Creighton University School of Dentistry using the centralized AADSAS application service.  Once complete,  your application will be considered jointly by the IDEP Admissions Committee and Creighton University Admissions Committee.  Forms for making application for admission are obtainable from AADSAS by writing:

1625 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 101
Washington D.C.  20036-2212

    Application forms are sent out in the summer and fall preceding the year of entry.  Applications are received between July 15 and March 1 for entry the following fall.  The AADSAS application must be received by AADSAS by February 1.
    Early application is strongly encouraged to give the Admissions Committee more time to evaluate the applicants.  All required credentials necessary to complete the application must be received by April 1.


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