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This section is provided for alumni who wish to keep others informed of what is happening in their lives and as a means to keep in touch with each other. Email addresses are listed with permission. Please email Mike any news you would like included on our Alumni page.


Deborah Rubel (M.Coun. 1998; Ph.D., 2002)

Hi Everyone Ė Iíve been at Oregon State University for exactly 8 years now Ė hard to believe how time flies. I was granted tenure and promotion last year and am now coordinator of our Ph.D program. I still teach group work for masterís and doctoral students as well as theories, supervision, and qualitative research (among others). I especially love my work with doctoral students and have former students teaching full-time in Minnesota, Georgia, Oregon (3), Wisconsin, California, and Thailand.

On the home front, my partner Kevin, our four year-old son Kai, and I are settled in the countryside just outside Corvallis and enjoying all that living in the Pacific Northwest can bring. Gardening, running, camping, and hiking are just some of the things that we fit into our schedules. Recently my elderly parents moved here from Alaska! What an adjustment.

When I talk to people about what it is like to become a counselor and counselor educator, especially when Iím involved in conversations about effective ways to educate and mentor students for these roles, I always end up talking about Idaho State. I canít believe how lucky I was to receive my education there. I will ALWAYS be grateful! I am willing to answer any questions about Idaho State's counseling programs. Please contact me at

Hope to see you all soon! Debbie 8/2010

1st Annual ISU Counseling Department Alumni Barbeque

Co-hosted by Dr. Clark and Crystal Allen (M.Coun. ) and Dr. Enid and Harold Davis (Ed.D. ) at the Allen home in Shelley, Idaho, the first ISU Counseling Department BBQ was held June 24, 2010. Those in attendance included: Ann Patton, Camille Couch, Shawn Garbett, Christy Christensen, Leslie Bartonk, Niki Green, Elaine Crawford, Chelsie Rauh, Angie Winchester, Quinn Thibodeau, Mark Searle, Sarah Childers and Shawna Polson. In addition the following faculty/staff attended: Arthur Lloyd, Steve Feit, Nicole Hill, Linwood Vereen, Thana Singarajah, and Cheryle Lemmon.

Jan Hughes (McIsaac), M.Coun., 2003

Jan will be presented the Elementary School Counselor of the Year award at the annual ISCA conference in Boise on October 3, 2008. Jan is the School Counselor at Cloverdale Elementary, School District 93, in Idaho Falls. In an article in the 9/14/08 edition of the Post Register, Jan stated "I think it's the best job there is. The most rewarding thing is working with kids and seeing them progress. To see a child who may be falling behind find success is very rewarding. CONGRATULATIONS JAN!"

Daniel Weigel (Ph.D., 2002)

Dr. Weigel was presented the Counselor of the Year award from the Oklahoma Counseling Association in February. Only one counselor per year throughout the state of Oklahoma receives the award at the annual Midwinter Conference. Along with that award, Weigel also received the OCA's Southeast Counselor of the Year award in 2008. Weigel is an associate professor of psychology and counseling at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. He received his doctorate in counselor education and counseling from Idaho State University in 2002. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of South Dakota. He is a liensed professional counselor and licensed alcohol and drug counselor in the state of Oklahoma. Idaho State University Magazine,Volume 38, Number 1, Summer 2008

Lynn Bryan (M.Coun. 1979; Ed.D., 1983)

Bryan writes..."would really love to hear from anyone from the years I was at ISU. Please email

Beth Saba (M.Coun. 2002).....

Dave and I have been married a year and three months and just purchased our first home here in Minnesota. Our cat Marley has made the adjustment and loves all the windows and a yard full of birds and squirrels. Dave and I play in a competitive volleyball league and our team came in second this summer. Our team is struggling a bit more in the fall league, but we are having a lot of fun! I have been working at Spectrum Community Mental Health for the past 3.5 years and it is wonderful! I work with adults with severe mental illness, facilitating groups and working individually in the home and community. My clients work very hard and the staff are amazing! I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Hawaii in March! 11/07

Paula Green (M.Coun. 2004)

Paula writes..."I am living in Boise and am a women's and children's clinician at the Women's and Children's Alliance. I love it! I was hired 3 years ago this past June. I just returned from a trip to Brazil where I volunteered with kids. My kids are doing great! It's fun to see how people are doing. Feel free to contact me 11/07

Mandy Bloxham (M.Coun. 2004)

Bloxham sends the following: "Hi. As far as me. I am in Gillette, Wy, my home town. I still work at Behavioral Health Services of Campbell County Memorial Hospital as a counselor. It is an outpatient community mental health clinic located in the hospital. Work is going great. I am getting ready to celebrate my third work anniversary. Life is good. Not married and no kids yet. I have been able to travel a bit. I spend time with my family and my boyfriend. I continue to play rec sports. I just cut all of my hair off and donated it to Locks of Love again. I hope this finds everyone well. Please email me, I look forward to hearing from you. 10/07

Congratulations to Kelli Saginak (Ed.D., 1997) on her new textbook, Comprehensive School Counseling Programs: K-12 Delivery Systems in Action, Pearson Allyn and Bacon, 2007.

Drs. Holly Thompson and Wendy Hoskins (Ph.D., 2004 and 2003) in China...

Lori Farrens (M.Coun. 2007--Boise Program) writes.....Dear Cheryle, I wanted to update you to let you know about my career path. I am starting my professional counseling career this week! Yeah!!! I am working at Integrity Therapeutic ... Read More

Wendy Hoskins (Ph.D. 2003).

Wendy is doing well as an Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is currently the Nevada Counseling Association President. 5/29/07

Frances Hughes Berry (Ph.D., 2001).

We are moving to Athens, GA. Steve got a job at UGA in the history department. We've been very busy with preparing to move. We sold our house and found and have put in an offer on a house in Athens. ... Read More

Mark Young, Keynote Speaker at 2007 Commencement at Eastern Washington University

Mark Young, (Ph.D., 2005) sent this information in an email to Dr. David Kleist: Hi David, I hope you are doing well. I've cut and pasted part of an email I received today. I'm excited for what it shows I've done here these past two years, and I pass it on to you to ... Read More

Crystal (Douglas) Allen

Crystal (Douglas) Allen (M.Coun. 2001) established "The Crystal & Clark Allen Family Scholarship" fund (advertised under Combined Health Professions Scholarships) for school counseling, physician's assistant, and nursing program majors in 2006. They are hoping that a school counseling student will receive the scholarship this year. Crystal would like to hear from others. 5/07)

Chrissy Nelson

Chrissy Nelson (M.Coun. 2004) writes from Calgary, Canada... "I am currently working as a Family School Liaison Counselor for a rural school district just outside of Calgary. I am living in Calgary and love being home with my family and friends again. However, I often think of Idaho and miss it. I am not married yet and have no kids. I am still playing soccer at every chance that I can and I love every minute of it. I am planning a trip to Pocatelo in April." Love to hear from you. NelsonC@fsd38.ab.ca (3/07)

Nancy Davis

Nancy Davis (2006) writes "For those of you who wonder who ended up at Marsh Valley--it is I. Marsh Valley is a well kept little secret. So, for those who have been saying, just wait a while and Marsh Valley will open up--no more--I am staying. WE love it here! ... Read More


Established in Spring 2006, the first Alumni Scholarship awards were dispersed in Fall 2006. The Alumni Scholarship is funded through pledges from Department of Counseling alumni during the yearly ISU Connection Phonathon. Phi Omicron Chi (Chi Sigma Iota student honorary chapter) members and Counseling students call alumni asking for pledges. Ideally, our goal is to receive $1,500 in pledges.

Alumni are very important to us. Your generosity is overwhelming! Please keep in contact with the Department and send news that you would like to share with other alumni.

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