History Department

Monday, February 9, 4:00-6:00pm in LA324:

Women Studies and The Committee for the Study of Violence,Violence, and War in Society
welcome guest speaker Dr. Jason Crouthamel.
Dr. Crouthamel's talk is titled, "Masculinity, Sexuality, and German Soldiers in the First World War".
This will be a fascinating talk by Professor Crouthamel,
Assoc. Professor of History at Grand Valley University in Michigan.

2-20 February, 2015
Exhibit launch: 12 February 5-6pm.
Davis Gallery, Fine Arts Building, Idaho State University

The John B. Davis Gallery hosted a print exhibition,
Les Misères de la Guerre: French perspectives of the First World War,”
organized by Dr. Justin Dolan Stover, Assistant Professor of History.
Dr. Stover explains the purpose of the exhibit: "The centenary of the First World War invites us to reflect on the conflict and its enduring cultural, economic, and political impact. Remembrance of the event is varied, and often walks the line between honoring the fallen and lamenting their loss. The same can be said of the civilians and prisoners that endured the war, and the widows and orphans that matured in its wake. This exhibition presents varied perspectives of the war through the medium of select contemporary French weekly magazines. In doing so, world’s first industrialized global war is writ small, with localized insights often reflecting broader world opinion."


HRM Graduate Student Achievements:

Spring 2015:

  • The Grad Student Reading Group met on 29 January for the first meeting of the semester, hosted by Nate Williams and sponsored by Dr. Paul Sivitz. The group will meet at least once monthly through the end of the semester.
  • Jessi Donnelly is serving an internship with the Bonneville County Heritage Association. Jessi is creating a publication for the Idaho Day celebration in Idaho Falls.
  • Nate Williams is interning at the Eli M. Oboler Library Special Collections department.
  • Kiara Wanner is interning with College of Technology marketing staff doing analysis and mapping.
  • Ian Berdanier is working at the ISU Writing Center 3-4 hours a week tutoring students.
  • In April, Jessi Donnelly will present on a panel on digital history at the annual Association of American Geographers conference in Chicago, IL.
  • In April, Kristine Hunt will present a paper at the annual British Scholar Society conference in Austin, TX.

    Fall 2014:

  • The Grad Student Reading Group had four meetings during the Fall semester. The group discussed four journal articles from a variety of history specialties, hosted by Nate Williams and sponsored by Dr. Paul Sivitz.
  • Joshua Eppley, Kristine Hunt and Nate Williams presented guest lectures in three of HIST1118 US History and Culture sections.
  • In September, Ian Berdanier (poster) , Joshua Eppley (paper) and Greg Farley (poster) presented at the annual Association of Pacific Coast Geographers in Tucson, AZ. Joshua's paper and Greg's poster were based on their work with the NSF-funded MILES project in the ISU College of Arts & Letters.
  • In October, Kristine Hunt presented a talk on scholarly editing at the monthly College of Arts & Letters Narrative Colloquium.