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New NWCCU "Substantive Change" Policy and Fee Schedule

Current Information

Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Plan 2015:

Structure of new Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment Council (IEAC) and its Subcommittees
Faculty Senate's Role in ISU Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Plan 2015

Proposed Policies and Procedures (ISUPPs) under 30-day Review period:

Research Financial Conflict of Interest in Sponsored Projects -- comments due Sept. 16, 2015

Activity Insight: faculty feedback requested

The Office of Institutional Research recently made changes to streamline and simplify the use of Activity Insight, and is soliciting feedback from faculty on the usefulness of those changes. Constructive and honest feedback regarding strengths and weaknesses of the system will help guide future improvements. Please send responses to Lorie Chatfield at chatlori@isu.edu or ext. 3762.


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