Ever since the 1970s, Japanese has been one of the most popular non-European language choices at colleges and high schools all over the United States. In addition to those who are interested in the powerful Japanese economy, an increasingly diverse group of students are attracted to the language as a portal to many other cultural realms: Zen Buddhism, haiku poetry, martial arts, tea ceremony, and the latest creative products of the prosperous comic / animation / video game industries. Our program leads to an understanding of the more subtle, complex elements of Japanese culture and offers an alternative view of the world.

Requirements for Japanese Minor

  • JAPN 201-202 Intermediate Japanese 8 cr (or equivalent high school courses or experience)
  • JAPN 301-302 Japanese Conversation and Composition 6 cr
  • A Goal 10A course must also be taken
  • AND: Upper-division JAPN or LANG courses 6 cr

Japanese Courses

Listings in Course Catalog

Minor in Japanese

JAPN 1101, 1102               Elementary Japanese I and II                                        8 cr
JAPN 2200                          Intermediate Enrichment*                                            2 cr
JAPN 2201, 2202               Intermediate Japanese I and II                                     8 cr
JAPN 3301 or 3302           Japanese Conversation and Composition I or II       3 cr
One elective upper-division course in Japanese                                                     3 cr

Choose ONE of the following three courses (3 cr)

CMLT 2207                         Contemporary European Culture                                 3 cr
CMLT 2208                         Cultures of the Spanish-Speaking World                    3 cr
CMLT 2209                         Cultures of Asia                                                               3 cr

*This is a variable-credit course that may be repeated to obtain at least 2 credits.


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