a ...I just got back from the humanitarian Peru trip with Idaho Condor! I just wanted to first of all thank you SO MUCH for your 4495 classes and the layout of the Spanish Major. Honeslty, I was able to work as a translator the whole time and talked to hundres of patiens that I could communicate clearly with. Thank you for your awesome classes that prepared me so well for this trip!       Katie Johnson

Spanish 2201 with Marta Robredo is one of the most compelling classes I've taken. Not only is the professor incredibly flexible, but she also stimulates thought-provoking conversation to convey the richness, idiomatic distinction, and diversity of Spanish and Latin American culture. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in Spanish language and culture.         Lucas


I have been very enlightened with all my studies in the Spanish program.  The instructors of the program that I have had the opportunity to learn from are all knowledgeable, talented, and compassionate individuals.  They were instrumental in helping me to make life long lasting connections about my L1 that never existed in my past.  As a child, I had only spoken Spanish.  This later proved to be a difficult obstacle when starting school, since language and culture cannot be separated to any success.  Because of courses offered in the Spanish program, I have obtained a very tangible mastery of my all but stamped out L1, while having learned a lot about myself in the process.  Whether the focus was poetry, Latin America exploited, business, syntax, literary devices, wars, literature, or about Spain overall, every course, because of its instructor, has contributed to a meaningful knowledge base.  I would challenge other students to see what other worthwhile, meaningful connections can be made for them with coursework through the Spanish program.         Matas G. | Spanish Major


The Idaho State University Spanish Program provides students a valuable skill set preparing them to interact with diverse populations in future careers.  In a competitive job market, a second language can help a graduate find their first job.  The ISU program provides unique opportunities especially to those in the health sciences with several levels of medical Spanish classes as well as the opportunity to become a qualified medical interpreter.  The program has helped me interact with Spanish speaking only patients in the clinical environment.       Greg  |  Nursing


After observing a physician in a bilingual clinic, as part of my preparation for applying to medical school, I realized the increasing importance of communicating accurately and clearly to a growing Hispanic/Latino population. What employer or university, medical or not, wouldn’t want to see that you are competent and capable of providing service to this too often underserved population?

The Spanish program at ISU has taken my rudimentary conversational Spanish and transformed it into a skillset of not only verbal communication, but composition, comprehension, interpretation, and cultural understanding, which will prove invaluable in my career. In a world of increasing competitiveness for jobs and growing cultural diversity, I believe that the education I received from the Spanish program will not only procure for me a professional position, but become necessary to provide care to the diverse people of this country.

Some may think they don’t have time to take language classes together with their degree—but the ISU Spanish program and professors accommodate your busy schedule: next year, after four years of undergraduate education, I will be graduating with my B.A. in Spanish, and a B.S. in Biochemistry.

The knowledgeable and conscientious professors of the ISU Spanish program have helped me to become a qualified medical interpreter, have involved me in their research endeavors, have solicited scholarships on my behalf (which I received), and last year procured a spot for me as a medical interpreter during a week-long surgical mission to Peru. I recommend this program to anyone with the foresight to prepare for the bilingual USA to come.      Josh |  Pre-Med


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