Our Instructors

Cathleen Tarp

H. Cathleen Tarp, Associate Professor

Dr. Helen C. Tarp, PhD, is the author of the SHP curriculum and currently lead advisor for students majoring in Spanish for the Health Professions. Dr. Tarp has qualified to interpret/translate in both the medical and legal fields and has worked since 2003 as a professional interpreter/translator. She earned her doctorate from the University of New Mexico and has lived and worked in Mexico, Latin America, and Spain. Currently, Dr. Tarp has been contracted by the ISU Physician Assistant Program to design and integrate Spanish for the PA program. Dr. Tarp regularly teaches upper division Spanish for the Health Professions courses: SPAN 4460 Medical Interpretation and Translation I and II, the SPAN 4495/5595 Topics courses, the Spanish for PA courses, and oversees student Internships (SPAN 4493).

Anna Hiller

Anna Hiller, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Dr. Anna E. Hiller got her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley in Hispanic Languages and Literatures. She worked at the San Mateo Medical Center as a translator and interpreter before beginning her graduate study at Berkely in 2002. Dr. Hiller's graduate work focused on Modern Peninsular Literature and Translation Studies. She taught a course on translation theory at Berkeley, and her translations of 20th Century Spanish and Latin American short stories will be released by Dover Publications in 2013. She is qualified in the state of Idaho as a medical interpreter/translator.

sarah mccurry

Sarah McCurry, MA

Mrs. McCurry did her undergraduate work at University of Massachusetts at boston and her graduate work at University of California, Los Angeles. She studied in Mexico and lived in Santiago, Chile for six and a half months.She is also qualified as a medical interpreter in the state of Idaho.

Marta Robredo

Marta Izquierdo Robredo, Assistant Lecturer

M.A. Spanish Literature (Washington State University 2003), B.A. Philosophy and Education, major in Psychology (University of Oviedo, Spain, 1994), First Certificate in English (University of Cambridge, England 1992).

Mrs. Izquierdo Robredo is originally from Oviedo, Spain and has been living in the United States of America for ten years. While obtaining her M.A. in Spanish Literature, she was a Spanish instructor at Washington State University.She has been a lecturer in Spanish at Idaho State University since the fall of 2004. She is also qualified as a medical interpreter in the state of Idaho.


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