Business Language Majors

Majors in French, German, or Spanish for Business and Professions are an option for students studying foreign languages or business at ISU. The business language major includes many of the general requirements for a language major, e.g . CMLT 207, the advanced language sequence, 301-302, and prescribes upper-level courses in business language, translation and interpretation, current affairs, with a choice of electives as well. A required business minor in Computer Information Systems, Business Administration, or Marketing offered by the College of Business rounds out this professional major. All three language programs enjoy exchanges with respective universities in France, Germany, and Uruguay that enable students to study business abroad and to earn credits for the ISU majors. Opportunities for internships in France through the Auxerre exchange are readily available for ISU students studying in Auxerre in the spring semester.

Links to information about the minors:

Meet with an advisor to find out more about the ISU programs and the exchange universities:

Dr. Pamela Park, 
Professor of French, contact for Auxerre, France

Professor Sandra Dillon, 
Instructor of German, contact for Paderborn, Germany

Dr. Robert Hoover, 
Professor of Marketing, contact for Uruguay

Dr. Susan Speck, 
Chairwoman of Marketing

Dr. Thomas Ottaway,  
Chairman of CIS

Ms. Susan Hooks,  
Advisor for Business Administration 


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209