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Department of Chemistry

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The chemistry department at Idaho State University is an ACS approved department consisting of eleven tenure track faculty, four non-tenure track teaching faculty, and five staff members. Our main mission is to provide our students with the best possible education in chemical science through classroom, formal laboratory, and individual research laboratory instruction. We provide a quality footing in chemistry for several different majors including students in engineering and in the health related professions. We also offer several options for students interested in a major in Chemistry:

We work at providing our majors with the opportunity to enhance their education and practical experience by participating with a dynamic research group using state of the art equipment and instrumentation and also through participation in activities as a member of the Chemistry Club.

Our research programs are diverse, including organic synthesis using organosilanes as chiral templates, studies of the composition and chemical behavior of plasmas, solar energy photophysics, environmental monitoring and chemometrics. Faculty are active in research and have authored several books.

In the fall of 1996 we took occupancy of a new state-of-the-art chemistry building. The department is well-equipped with modern instrumentation including all of the standard items as well as two Raman Spectrophotometers, a Scanning Electron Microscope, and an Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer.

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