Black Rock & Sage


We are looking for Idaho State University students' unique, quality works, both experimental and traditional, that appeal to the eyes, ears, and minds of curious readers from all disciplines. Whatever your interests or emphasis of study, we want to publish your well-polished creative works. BR&S will consider previously unpublished fiction, poetry, plays, essays, memoirs, art, schematics, musical performances, scores, and more. We are interested in creative genres familiar and unexpected alike. All submissions will be judged anonymously. We accept simultaneous submissions if notified. Do you also want to be considered for the Ford Swetnam Poetry Prize? For more details and guidelines, see information about our Contests.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Submissions will be accepted from September 15th, 2014 to February 14th, 2015.
  2. Submit your work as an electronic Word document to
  3. Do not include the author's name anywhere in the body of the manuscript to ensure confidentiality.
  4. Include your work as an attachment to your submission email.
  5. Include the author's name, Bengal ID number, student status (undergraduate or graduate), email address, and approximately 50-word bio in the body of the email.
  6. Include individual piece titles, author's name, and Bengal ID number in the subject line of your submission email.

Writers, from all departments at ISU - Students can submit up to 2 prose pieces of 5,000 words each; students can submit both poetry and prose; students can submit a maximum of 5 poems; students must have a high school diploma or equivalent to submit.

Visual and Graphic Artists, from all departments at ISU - The magazine includes numerous and varied pieces of visual art selected by appropriate Art Department or Mass Communication faculty members. Submit visual work as a jpeg with a 250 dpi and an image size no larger than 1600x1600 to Please list materials for art submissions. Please title each image as follows: lastname_submission number (e.g. smith_01, smith_02, etc.).

Musicians, from all departments at ISU - The magazine includes a CD featuring performance pieces selected by Music Department faculty members. Individual performances should be limited to eight minutes. Written scores will be considered for inclusion as visual art in the magazine. The submission deadline for these pieces is March 22, 2013. Those wishing to submit recordings of performances or written scores should contact the BR&S editors before the submission deadline at for more information. "Additional Information for Music Applications"

If you have any questions please view our frequently asked questions or contact the editors at