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scott.jpg The primary aim of the art program is to develop the aesthetic awareness and technical proficiency of the individual student in the visual arts. The student who declares an art major can earn either the Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

The B.F.A. is strongly recommended for those students who plan to pursue graduate work in the visual arts or who intend to enter into studio artist production. The studio areas offered for concentration are drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, weaving, ceramics and jewelry/metals. Additionally, papermaking and special topics courses are available. The art major may concentrate in one studio area or work in several areas. In addition, the program offers a variety of studio and art history courses for university students majoring in other fields.

 B.A. & B.F.A. Program Guide

For more precise information about our undergraduate programs, course requirements, and course descriptions see our section in the Current Undergraduate Catalog.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree combines a liberal arts education with a strong concentration in studio areas and art history.
Required Courses:

ART 1100 Survey of Art 3 cr
ART 1101 History of Western Art I 3 cr
ART 1102 History of Western Art II 3 cr
ART 1103 Creative Process 3 cr
ART 1104 Creative Process II 3 cr
ART 1105 Drawing I 3 cr
ART 1106 Drawing II 3 cr
ART 4494 Senior Presentation 1 cr
In Addition Art Electives 27 cr
Total: 49 Credits
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Students planning on making a professional career in either educational or studio fields, or who are planning to attend graduate school are encouraged to earn the B.F.A. degree. Every class is 3 credits unless otherwise specified.
Required Courses:

ART 1100 Survey of Art
ART 1101 History of Western Art I
ART 1102 History of Western Art II
ART 1103 Creative Process
ART 1104 Creative Process II
ART 1105 Drawing I
ART 1106 Drawing II
ART 2201 Intermediate Drawing
ART 2231 Introduction to Printmaking
ART 2241 Introduction to Painting/Composition
ART 2251 Introduction to Metals/Jewelry
ART 2261 Introduction to Fiber Media
ART 2271 Introduction to Ceramics
ART 2281 Introduction to Sculpture
ART 3301 Anatomy Drawing and Painting
ART 3310 Professional Practice and Display
ART 4494 Senior Presentation1 cr
In Addition Electives upper-division/studio 18 cr
Art History Electives 6 cr
Total: 73 Credits



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