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Lou Christofferson, Adjunct Faculty
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Teaching Philosophy

Understanding design in its purest form is critical to the architectural education. Learning the value of keen observation, the perception and conception of ideas, and how they reverberate through a concept is what determines its true strength. It takes only a flicker of inspiration to lay the foundation of a great design.

Architecture, as a profession, goes beyond designing buildings. An architect must have the skills to fuse disjointed ideas, organize systems, and resolve the contradictions found in a design. Ultimately, the architect is a project manager from the drawings board through construction. In the end, success is defined by how an architect translates a design from paper to reality. This is possible only through understanding how to develop, present, and communicate ideas.

As an instructor, my goal is to challenge students to quickly develop innovative design solutions to a set of demanding parameters and learn how to communicate their ideas both graphically and verbally. Each semester is an ongoing opportunity to discuss what architecture is, where it begins, and when and where, if at all, it ends.

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