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Conference Services

Organizing a successful conference, workshop, or symposium means pulling together countless interrelated details so that everything flows seamlessly from inception and program delivery to post-conference evaluation and budget analysis. When it comes to hosting an event, your biggest concern ought to be the subject at hand, not how to reserve off-campus facilities, how you are going to collect payments and get everyone registered, or how to seek approval for continuing education units.

Idaho State University's Division of Continuing Education & Conference Services provides professional coordination services to assist on-campus as well as off-campus individuals and groups in the development, promotion and delivery of quality conferences, seminars and events.

Our professional staff gets involved in your program as a partner. We'll manage all the day-to-day organizational details, allowing you to focus on what really counts - the conference content. Our partnership is based on providing you support tailored to your individual event. The comprehensive services we offer include planning, marketing, financial management, registration, on-site support, and issuing and reporting Continuing Education Units (CEUs). We continually expand our services to meet the needs of our clients.

Events can be held on the ISU campus, at facilities in Pocatello or Idaho Falls, or any other location of your choosing. Some of the programs currently served by Conference Services include the annual Idaho Conference on Health Care, the Thomas Geriatric Health Symposium, Intermountain Conference on the Environment, the Early Childhood Development Conference, the Intermountain Branch of the American Society for Microbiology Conference, or the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association 2012 meeting.

Our mission is to ensure that the standards of quality for educational conferences, seminars, and programs held at Idaho State University are consistent with ISU's standards of excellence. When it's time to start planning your next event, make one call. Sign one contract. We'll assemble the right team to make your program successful. Contact Idaho State University Division of Continuing Education and Conference Services at (208) 282-3155 or email us at extendedlearning@isu.edu.

Doing the Work for You

Our Conference Services unit covers a wide range of needs. We can:

Keeping It Affordable

Our support services are available for a small fee. Specialized services also are available at a reasonable cost. We will gladly meet with you to evaluate your needs and prepare a quote to suit your budget. To help you plan for our first meeting, please download the Conference Services Planning Checklist and Worksheet.

Request Support

To request support for your upcoming event or for more information on the services available from the Division of Continuing Education & Conference Services, please contact our office at (208) 282-3155 or extendedlearning@isu.edu.


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