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Practical Nurse Program Admission Requirements

The Idaho Board of Nursing maintains standards regarding physical and mental health, use of drugs and alcohol, and conviction of criminal offenses. Applicants who have concerns related to their status in relationship to possible licensure denial are encouraged to contact the Idaho Board of Nursing (208) 334-3110 prior to completing this application. Idaho Board of Nursing, 280 N 8 Street, Suite 210, Boise, ID 83702

Following is a list of requirements that need to be fulfilled or in progress and submitted to the Student Services office at the College of Technology by February 15, 2010:

  1. Submit completed application for admission to ISU College of Technology.
  2. Submit an official high school transcript or GED scores. (Not required if you have completed 14 or more college credits.)
  3. If applicable, submit official college/university transcripts from all postsecondary institutions.
  4. Complete the COMPASS placement test. Applicants must score a minimum of 68 in Writing. Applicants must score a minimum of 46 in pre algebra. If scores fall below the established requirements, discuss options with a Student Services counselor.
  5. ACT scores of 16 or higher in Mathematics and 18 or higher in English or appropriate college courses may be substituted for COMPASS testing. ACT scores are not required for acceptance to the College of Technology; however they are required to qualify for some scholarships.
  6. Submit a separate application to the Practical Nursing Program by February 15. There is a $35 fee.
  7. Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) training:
    • Submit CNA card or proof of CNA course registration by February 15. A CNA class and CNA certification test must be completed and passed by August 1.
    • CNA license must be current while in the program.
  8. Submit proof of current American Heart Association Healthcare Provider Basic Life Support (BLS) certification no later than August 1. You must remain current throughout the program.
  9. Prerequisite courses:
    • HO 0106 or HCA 2210 or HE 210: Medical Terminology
    • HO 0111 or BIOL 3301 & 3302: Anatomy and Physiology
    • NTD 3340: Nutrition
    • BI 0170 or CIS 1101 & 1101L: Introduction to Computers
    • PSYC 1101: Introduction to Psychology

The prerequisite courses and certifications must be completed or in progress by the application deadline of February 15. If you have not completed, but are enrolled in a course or certification program, you must submit proof of enrollment before the February 15th deadline to remain in the application pool. After proof of enrollment is submitted, proof of completion of these courses must be submitted by the end of Summer semester or you will be dropped from the program.

Once your application has been evaluated, if eligible, you will be given the dates for the mandatory Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). The cost of the exam is $35.00.  You may find study materials at  You are encouraged to study for this test.


Applicants will be ranked based on a combined “score” of high school or college GPA, the assessment test, and medical-related experience.  The top forty (40) applicants will be accepted into the program and will receive an “Acceptance Letter”.  The letter will request the following:

  • Deposit of $75.00 to ensure a place in the Practical Nursing program. Deposit is due two weeks from the time of the acceptance letter.
  • The accepted student will be required to attend a mandatory orientation meeting, usually in July.
  • The Medical History and Physical Examination Form must be submitted to the Practical Nursing faculty.
  • Background check and drug screening per department policy will be required upon acceptance into the program.
  • The accepted students must submit all required documents the first day of the fall class.

Once accepted, the applicant must have all immunizations other than the third Hepatitis B vaccine completed by the first day of the fall class. The Hepatitis vaccination is a series of three vaccinations given over six months. This vaccination and others listed are available at the Health and Welfare Department or your personal physician.


Any individual not selected for admission in a school year must reapply to be considered for admission the following year and must meet the current admission criteria.

Former College of Technology students who have been out of school one semester or more must complete the necessary forms in the Student Services office before returning to the program.  Re-entering students must meet requirements s outlined in the catalog effective at the date of their re-enrollment.  Students may choose any subsequent catalog to meet graduation requirements as long as they have continuous enrollment.

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