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Health Information Technology

Books and Supplies

Textbooks may be purchased at the University Bookstore located at the Pond Student Union - Building #14. Textbooks may also be purchased or reserved on-line through or the bookstore's website. Payments may be made with cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. A shipping charge will be added for mail orders. See the bookstore's website for more information on purchasing or reserving books or for refund policy information. Save Your Receipts!

Approximate total book and tool costs for this program's options are listed below. Additional book costs will vary depending on the courses taken to fulfill general education requirements for the AAS degree.

I. Books Listed by Course - First Semester Fall I
HO 106 Medical Terminology
Exploring Medical Language (W/CARDS & CD ROM & 4 CD'S) 9780323077064 $95.00
Concise Medical Dictionary (W/CD)   $40.00
HO 111 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
Essentials of Human Anatomy & Phys 9780073378268 $192.00
Anatomy & Phys Revealed 2.0 (CASE) (CD-ROM) 9780073378206 $76.00
HIT 202 Health Information I
Health Information Technology 9781437727364 $83.00
Approximate Total Books - First Semester - Fall I   $486.00
I. Books Listed by Course- Second Semester Spring I
HO 107 Medical Law & Ethics
Medical Law and Ethics 9780132559225 $77.00
HIT 201 Supervised Professional Practice I
Class fee (HIT 201)   $10.00
HO 0299-01 Informatics I
Information Technology for Health Professions 9780132897648 $69.00
Approximate Total Books - Second Semester - Spring I   $156.00
I. Books Listed by Course- Third Semester Fall II
HO 208 Introduction to Pathology
Human Diseases (W/CD) 9781435427518 $150.00
Handbook of Pathophysiology 9781605477251 $50.00
HO 0209 Principles of Drugs the Their Uses 
Core Concepts in Pharmacology 9780135077597 $77.00
Mosby’s Pharmacology Memory Notecards 9780323078009 $26.00
Davis’s Drug Guide For Nurses (w/Bind-In Access Code) 9780803628342 $42.00
HIT 0208 ICD-10-CM Coding
Basic ICD 10-CM-Coding 2013 9781584263685 $116.00
ICD-10-Cm Complete Official Draft Code Set (2014 Draft) 2nd ed. 9781622540679 $131.00
Class fee (HIT 208)   $10.00
HIT 0209 CPT Coding
CPT Coding 9781603596848 $110.00
Basic Current Procedural Terminology & HCPCS Coding 2013 ed. 9781584264002 $88.00
Class fee (HIT 209)   $10.00
HIT 0299-02 Intro to Reimbursement
Principles of Healthcare Reimbursement 9781584262435 $100.00
ICD-10-Cm Complete Official Draft Code Set (2014 Draft) 2nd ed. 9781622540679 $131.00
Class fee (HIT 208)   $10.00
Approximate Total Books - Third Semester - Fall II   $910.00
I. Books Listed by Course- Fourth Semester Spring II
HIT 0203 Health Statistics and Quality Improvement
Calculating and Reporting Health Care Statistics 9781584263173 $70.00
Fundamentals of Health Care Quality Management 1929955081 $45.00
Fundamentals of Health Care Quality Management WKBK 1929955103 $25.00
HIT 0204 Health Information II
Professional Reference Guide for the RHIA & RHIT examinations   $70.00
Management Principles for Health Professionals 6th ed. 9781449614683 $92.00
HIT 0207 Supervised Professional Practice II (8wks/24 hrs unpaid clinical experience)
Class Fee   $20.00
HIT 213 Advance Coding and Reimbursement
A Guided Approach to Intermediate and Advanced Coding 9780132920711 $94.00
HIT 0299-03 Informatics II
Textbook TBA   $80.00
Approximate Total Books - Forth Semester Spring II $496.00
II. Other Expenses
Background search $50.00
Student Malpractice Insurance $10.00
AHIMA National Qualifying Exam for Certification $230.00
Graduation Application Fee for First Certificate/Degree $20.00
Approximate Total for Other Expenses – Throughout Program $310.00
Approximate Total – Books and other expenses - HIT Program $2,358.00

Anticipate Additional Expenses Associated with this Program: Textbooks Associated with Academic Courses. Transportation, Parking, Child Care, Housing. You Must Check Your Class Schedule to Determine Textbooks Required by Instructor.