College of Technology

Emergency Management

As a consequence of the rapid changes in emergency management and the administrative duties currently being experienced by these professionals, academic degrees are being sought and requested by public and private emergency managers. The surrounding social, economic, political, bureaucratic and business contexts within emergency management are becoming more complicated requiring a more sophisticated engagement and expanded knowledge base for the professionalization of the field. Not only have the recent needs of county, state and federal agencies been articulated for such programs, the issue of applied research and the necessity for interdisciplinary programs (e.g., business, engineering, law, geology, psychology, public health, etc.) have been emphasized to meet the changing nature of emergency management.

Why Choose the ISU Emergency Management Program?

  • Instructors are all outstanding experts representing a wide range of disciplines and leadership levels throughout the emergency management field
  • All classes are online and feature live interaction with your instructor
  • Affordable in-state tuition for all online classes regardless of residence
  • Associate and Bachelor degrees keep your career path open
  • Regionally-accredited university offering credits and degrees accepted everywhere
  • Follows nationally recognized FEMA Higher Education curriculum guidelines

Degree Options

  • Associate of Science
  • Bachelor of Science


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