College of Technology

General Educational Development (GED®)

This program is available to students who are not currently enrolled in high school and are 16 years of age or older. Preparation to take the GED® is available through the Adult Success Center located on the third floor of the Roy F. Christensen building (the College of Technology).

An assessment test named the TABE (Tests of Adult Basic Education) is given and a course of study is then determined by the scores and goals of the individual student. There are daytime and evening classes in reading, language, and math as well as guided independent study and computerized study options. For those with high-level scores, SkillsTutor and GED Connection are available. Flexible scheduling is available.

Preparation for this test is FREE of charge through the Adult Success Center and outreach centers operating throughout southeastern Idaho.

Please contact the Adult Success Center with any question you might have at 208-282-2468. Outreach information can also be found by following the link to our Outreach Centers.

Once student scores indicate GED® readiness, students can take official GED® practice tests at the Adult Success Center. Testing for the GED® is then done at Graveley Hall through University Counseling and Testing Service.

There are 5 GED Tests

Arrangements for payment are made at the University Counseling and Testing Service.

Some GED® scholarships are available through the Adult Success Center after receiving help from the center in preparation for the GED®.