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 Internship Information

Communication and Rhetorical Studies students are all encouraged to seek professional internship experiences to complement their academic programs. Internships can help students test and explore employment paths in preparation for actual job seeking. Internship positions also often open doors to regular, full-time employment with a particular company.

Professional internships may also provide an opportunity for applied learning and undergraduate credit in the Communication and Rhetorical Studies program. A well developed and focused internship experience can help you...

  • put what you have learned in the classroom about human communication into practice.
  • explore a professional career path.
  • acquire and develop new communication skills related to your professional goals.

If you are interested in earning academic credit related to a professional internship experience, please read through the departmental internship packet.

How do I find an internship opportunity?

Students are ultimately responsible for seeking internship opportunities of their own. However, the ISU Career Center has staff and resources to assist you.

Additionally, the Communication and Rhetorical Studies Department is occasionally notified by organizations or agencies interested in finding someone with experience in our program to fulfill internship duties. Listen for such opportunities to be announced in COMM classes. Visit COMM faculty to ask about current or upcoming opportunities. Visit this web page occasionally as information about internship opportunities may be posted here (see below).

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