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Graduate / Master of Accounting (MAcc) - Learning Goals

The goal of our MACC program is to further develop students' professional knowledge, competency, skills and values for a career in public accounting (CPA). Public accounting offers opportunities in firms ranging from a large, international CPA firms to local accounting practices. CPAs work with audit, tax and management consulting engagements. Our MAcc program advanced content and application is focused on enhancing students' technical competency, and critical thinking, interpersonal, communication, and judgment skills beyond that of an undergraduate program. Moreover, our program is designed so that participants will take the four parts of the CPA exam as they progress through the program, leaving them free to focus on their careers upon graduation.

Learning for ISU MAcc students will be at an appropriate, advanced level, designed to enhance the student's undergraduate accounting preparation. The ISU MAcc learning objectives are:

  1. Technical Competency and Professional Knowledge
    ISU MAcc graduates will demonstrate technical competency and possess appropriate professional knowledge. Each student will:
    1. Apply knowledge of relevant professional standards and the regulatory environment to resolve financial reporting issues of U.S. and multinational business entities.
    2. Apply knowledge of tax laws for planning and compliance purposes.
    3. Recognize and evaluate areas of potential legal concern in the business environment and demonstrate understanding of the role of legal issues in risk assessment.
    4. Recognize and evaluate areas of potential risk in an entity's business processes and information technology environment.
  2. Critical Thinking and Communication Skills
    ISU MAcc graduates will demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills. Each student will:
    1. Gather, interpret, evaluate, analyze and apply relevant professional standards to complex accounting-related issues, and come to well-reasoned conclusions.
    2. Apply analytical and quantitative techniques to analyze financial statements within the context of risk assessment and firm valuation.
    3. Communicate complex ideas and thought effectively both orally and in writing.
  3. Group/Interpersonal Skills
    ISU MAcc graduates will demonstrate group/interpersonal skills. Each student will:
    1. Work effectively in teams toward a common goal.
  4. Professional Values and Ethics
    ISU MAcc graduates will demonstrate the ability to recognize and appropriately respond to ethical issues in the practice of accounting. Each student will:
    1. Identify ethical issues and decision alternatives by incorporating appropriate professional codes of conduct and social responsibility.
    2. Demonstrate professional conduct and demeanor in class and business settings.

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