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Nuclear Forensics: The Science of Discovery

Have you ever wondered how chemistry is used to solve a mystery? In T.V. shows like CSI and NCIS we see how investigators solve a murder, but how do we use chemistry in real life crime scenes to search for clues at an explosive detonation? Was this a run of the mill explosive or a dirty bomb? Was it an accident, or terrorism? There are many tools chemists have at their disposal to answer questions such as these. In this workshop you will hunt for clues and see if you can figure out who was responsible for our mock explosive detonation. You will use forensic analytical and radiochemical techniques to look for clues to help you solve the crime.

Dam Engineering – Careers that Hold Water

Have you ever wondered how dams are designed? Learn how the force of water helps determine the size and shape of dams. You will use clay to build models of dams and observe the force of the water against it.

Nursing: It's More Than a Cute Hat

Cute hats are a part of the history of Nursing, and how nurses were once identified. In today's world, nurses are set apart by much more than an outfit. They use math, science, and technology to do their jobs. Nursing takes guts, skill and lots of knowledge. Medications and a number of other tasks require nurses to use strong math skills. Knowing which medications can be mixed makes each nurse a lot like a scientist. And, advances in medicine and technology make this an exciting career field. In this workshop you will learn about using math in nursing. Learn how to nurses know how much medication a patient needs, and even give a shot (to an orange)!

Math Puzzles

Act out mathematical operations on a human-sized number line. Who goes where when we take Absolute Value?

Home for your Birdies

Don’t let your backyard birdies be homeless!! Come to this workshop and learn how to build them a wooden birdhouse that they can call their own! You’ll have great fun learning some construction and refinishing basics.

Mirror, Mirror….

Chemists have developed many processes, both accidental and on purpose, that have improved life as we know it. An accidental byproduct of testing for a particular kind of sugar lead to the process of mirroring a glass surface. In this workshop you will reproduce this experiment and explore other metal plating techniques. Each participant will make and take home a glass covered trinket.

Stress Free Living with Massage Therapy

Learn some simple techniques of touch that will lead to stress reduction and good health. You will also hear about the awesome benefits of a Career in Massage Therapy.

The Egg Drop

The Egg Drop workshop will be an event where you will build a system that will help your raw egg survive a big fall. The system will then be dropped from a specified height and tested to see how well it protects the egg during the drop. The main idea is to minimize the force of the impact on the egg with the supplies you are given. This experiment is a fun and exciting opportunity to let your creative juices flow while solving a problem!

GPS Treasure Hunt

Everyone loves a treasure hunt! Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt that millions of people do for fun every day, using a GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to find the treasure. In this workshop you will learn basic GPS instruction using a handheld receiver. You will be given GPS coordinates to follow until you find the hidden treasure.

Phases of Matter and Energy

If you like making and eating ice cream, you’ll like this workshop. Nature arranges matter and energy in a variety of fascinating ways – from the atoms in a diamond crystal, to the photons in a laser, to the quarks in a neutron star. We will focus our exploration on five important phases of matter – solids, liquids, gases, plasmas, and the most important of them all, ice cream!

Brownie, Brownie, Who Gets the Brownie!

How often have you gotten your "fair share"? This hand-on workshop will show you a fun way for all parties to get their "fair share". Come and see how much fun math can be, and enjoy eating your “fair share” of Brownies!

The Science of Self-Defense

This workshop will provide very basic training for self- defense along with a discussion about the psychological aspects of protecting yourself from harm.


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