Communication, Media, and Persuasion

Visual Communication

Career Opportunities

Photo Media Option

Studio or Location Photographer, Studio Manager, Director of Photography, Advertising and Magazine Photographer, Photo Editor, Photojournalist, Legal Photographer, Medical Photographer, Photo Archivist, Photo Retoucher, Photographer’s Assistant, Photographic Sales Representative, Digital Imaging Specialist, (and more)

Design Option


Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Book Artist, Cartoonist, Commercial Artist, Desktop Publisher, Game Designer/Developer, Art Director, Product Illustrator, Staff Designer, Book Designer, Textile Stylist, Museum Exhibit Designer, Architectural Graphic Designer, (and more)

Video Option


Broadcast Journalist, TV Cameraperson, Broadcasting Station Manager, Director of Broadcasting, Film/Tape Librarian, Community Relation Director, Unit Manager, Transmitter Engineer, Technical Director, Announcer, News and Relation Manager, News Animator, (and more)

Visual Communication Emphasis


Core courses (15 credits)


CMP 1110 Introductory Convergent Newswriting and Reporting (3)

CPM 2202 Photo, Graphic, and Video Editing (3)

CPM 3339 Web Design (3)

CPM 4403 Mass Communication and Society (3)

CPM 4410 Mass Media History, Law, and Ethics (3)


Choose one of the following options (15 credits)

Photo Media Option


CMP 2250 History and Appreciation of Photography (3)

CMP 2251/2251L Introduction to Photography (3)

CMP 3352/3352L Photo Communication (3)

CMP 4455/4455L Photo Media (3)

CMP 4457/4457L Advanced Photo Media (3)


Design Option


CMP 2231 Introduction to Graphic Design (3)

CMP 3335 Typography and Layout (3)

CMP 3337 Illustration (3)

CMP 4435 Narrative and Print (3)

CMP 4436 Advanced Issues in Design (3)


Video Option


CMP 2271 Introduction to Television Production (3)

CMP 3310 Multiplatform Storytelling (3)

CMP 3371 Video Editing and Compositing (3)

CMP 4471 Advanced Television Production (3)

CMP 4475 Corporate Video Production (3)


Choose any two additional courses from the option lists above (6 credits)


Choose any three of the following (9 credits)


CMP 2201 Business and Professional Communication (3)

CMP 2209 Persuasion (3)

CMP 2241 Introduction to Public Relations (3)

CMP 2261 Introduction to Advertising (3)

CMP 2286 Visual Rhetoric (3)

CMP 4404 Gender and Communication (3)

CMP 4422 Conflict Management (3)

CMP 4424 Management Communication (3)

CMP 4483 Rhetoric of Popular Culture (3)

Total major credits: 45



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