Communication, Media, and Persuasion

CMP Scholarships

Each Fall and Spring semester, the Department of Communication Media, and Persuasion accepts applications for scholarships. To be considered, students should meet the following criteria:

  • A declared CMP major or Secondary Education student with teaching major in Communication & Rhetorical Studies.
  • Carry at least 12 credit hours.
  • Have a minimum 2.00 GPA and be free from all probations.
  • Have 58 or more earned credits (junior standing). Preference is given to seniors, then juniors.
  • Have some financial need.

To apply, submit a typed letter that addresses the above criteria and reflects effective communication skills. List courses taken in the department, departmental GPA, and a planned program of departmental courses. Include your address, phone number, email, and student ID number. Please put the letters in Dr. Nancy Legge's mailbox in the Frazier Hall Workroom [Room 222].


NOTE: Deadlines for scholarship applications will be posted/announced toward the end of each semester.

Award recipients will be notified by mail. If you have any questions contact Dr. Nancy Legge (208-282-3771).











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