Communication, Media, and Persuasion

G. Nicholas and Sara Ifft Communication Lab

CommLab Services

The following services are offered at the CommLab:

  • Provide students with one on one tutorial instruction.
  • Provide students with assistance in speech structure and development for oral and written skills.
  • Provide students with feedback on written outline development.
  • Provide students with a variety of sample speeches, both written and recorded.
  • Provide students and faculty with practice presentation sessions, in private space, including digital videotaping of rehearsal presentations.
  • Provide students and faculty with presentation access to PowerPoint technology.
  • Provide students and faculty with a group space for meetings and study groups.
  • Provide students with a quiet study area.
  • Provide instructional resources online and in print.
  • Provide students and faculty with computer access.

Assistance is available to all faculty and students at ISU. If you need help on presentations or developing communication skills, our tutorial instructors are available for help.

Student Lab Assistants

Student Lab Assistants (SLAs) are an essential component of the CommLab. SLAs are the first and last line of contact for CommLab visitors. The following is a list of duties that SLAs perform daily:

  • Sign students in/out of the lab
  • Document user log and spreadsheet
  • Maintain all equipment within lab
  • Assist students with computer usage and digital recording equipment
  • Maintain all equipment within the lab
  • Complete instructor notification paperwork
  • Track supplies
  • Tidy the lab
  • Complete necessary clerical work

Student Lab Assistants are usually hired before the beginning of each semester. If you would like to find out more about applying, please contact the Department of Communication, Media, and Persuasion office in Frazier Hall.

Frazier Hall, room 219
Phone: (208) 282-3695
Fax: (208) 282-4598

CommLab resources are particularly valuable in assisting students working on required presentation assignments in COMM 1101 and CMP 2201.




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