Communication, Media, and Persuasion

G. Nicholas and Sara Ifft Communication Lab

Sample Student Presentations

The videos below are presentations by students in Communication, Media, and Persuasion courses. The COMM 1101 course requires three different types of presentations: informative, argumentative, and persuasive. Presentation assignments in the CMP 2201 course include the persuasive proposal, the technical presentation, and the crisis briefing.

Students viewing the videos should understand that the sample presentations are not "perfect." Each has been graded as above average. These videos are provided to help students in recognizing important delivery and content qualities that may be used to enhance their own presentations.

COMM 1101 Sample Presentations




History of Comics Pornography is Harmful Poverty in America
Prague! No Child Left Behind Act Blood Donation
The Red Cross Shoeless Joe Jackson  
Dealing with Epilepsy Euthanasia for Animals
Newport Beach Stop Cellphone Use  
  Medication for Depression  

CMP 2201 Sample Presentations

Persuasive Proposal

Technical Presentation

Crisis Briefing

  Technical Presentation 1 Crisis Briefing 1

Technical Presentation with Faculty Commentary

The following are section clips of a winning presentation from a departmental technical speaking competition with commentary by CMP 2201 instructors.
Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3 Clip 4 Clip 5

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