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Center Management

CAMAS: Herbert Maschner, Anthropology, Director

ILEIA: Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Elemental and Isotopic Analysis

  • IRMS (stable isotopes) sub-group. Bruce Finney (Biology) and Matt Germino, (Biology) Managers.
  • ICP-MS / New Wave laser (with Chemistry GC front end) sub-group. John Dudgeon (Anthropology), Michael McCurry (Geosciences), and Jeff Rosentreter (Chemistry), Managers.

BioFac: ISU Bioanalysis Facility.

  • Jim Bigelow (Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences) Manager.

AML: Applied Microscopy Laboratory.

  • Rene Rodriguez (Chemistry) and Josh Pak (Chemistry), Managers

PA3L: Photon Activation Analysis in Archaeology Laboratory

  • Herbert Maschner (Anthropology) and Doug Wells & Alan Hunt (Idaho Accelerator Center and Physics) Managers.

IVL: Idaho Virtualization Laboratory.

  • Herbert Maschner (Anthropology) and Robert Schlader (IVL) Managers

MSL: Molecular Structure Laboratory.

  • Rob Holman (Chemistry) and Caryn Evilia (Biology), Manager
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