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The interdisciplinary nature of scientific advancement is well established. Research areas for interdisciplinary activities at ISU will grow as the facility matures. But certainly broad programs of history, climate change, ecosystem dynamics, regional interaction, materials analysis, energy, and hydrology currently cross so many disciplinary boundaries that the facility itself will spur the development of a range of research interests and proposals. Maschner is currently leading the NSF funded Sanak Biocomplexity Project, a multiyear interdisciplinary study (including Anthropology, Archaeology, Ecology, Chemistry, Geology, Oceanography, Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematics) of the role humans have played in the structure and engineering of the north Pacific Ecosystem. With this and a suite of other interdisciplinary projects, ISU is in an important position to enhance its cross-disciplinary research arenas and develop a new generation of both northern and western scholars with an appreciation for large, cross disciplinary projects seeking to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

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